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 It's been a really long time...

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Date d'inscription : 2013-05-30

PostSubject: It's been a really long time...   Sun 16 Aug - 13:43

Hey guys, I don't know if you remember me. I was one of the members of this team... Probably you guys DO remember me, it hasn't been long since I last came online. Well, I'd say about 3 or 4 years.

So yeah, this is K.I.T.T. There was a time when TM was the only game I had in my computer, the only way to spend my spare time. Almost my life... One day, all that changed. I passed a very difficult test in my career, one that I had not passed until then, and finally I was able to start the career practices. Then, work. Travels, home changes, more work...

I had no spare time anymore, for a reeeally long time. When I finally had spare time again, I had been so much time offline and without any warning that I though you guys would probably be pissed at me for leaving without saying anything, and would have probably deleted my account.

I was simply surfing the internet today, and suddendly I had a flash, a small memory of that game I used to play and I liked so much... And I remembered this team and all the people I left behind. I thought of returning. I searched the forum, prayed for you guys to still be active. And what a surprise, not only you're active, but my login still works on this forum!

So here I am, posting this message to apologize to you all for leaving that day without even saying goodbye, for leaving you all behind. All the fun, the races, the friends, all left behind, for some things that others would consider more important, like work, money, all those things... Friends are as just as important.

I'm not asking to return. I don't even play the game anymore, I lost the CD and even got a new PC that I don't really know if it's compatible or not. I'm just asking for you to forgive me for leaving, and if by any chance we meet each other on the tracks again sometime, I promise I'll do my best to leave you all behind, because in the tracks is the only place where leaving behind a friend should be a good thing.

Feel free to post a response or not. I'll keep an eye out these next days. Maybe I'll consider returning to active competition... Or not. Who knows.
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Turbo TJ


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PostSubject: Re: It's been a really long time...   Tue 18 Aug - 20:34

Nice to hear from you again K.I.T.T. Very Happy
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Date d'inscription : 2012-05-17

PostSubject: Re: It's been a really long time...   Mon 7 Sep - 10:49

Hey K.I.T.T. I wondered where you disappeared to.
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PostSubject: Re: It's been a really long time...   Tue 8 Sep - 6:55

hey kitt, i haven't played with you, but going through old forum i remeber you, the k.i.t.t. avatar, nice to see you to come back
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PostSubject: Re: It's been a really long time...   

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It's been a really long time...
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