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 stuttering help

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Date d'inscription : 2013-11-04
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PostSubject: stuttering help   Sat 14 Mar - 23:47

Lately I've noticed that the performance of TM starts to fall about 5-10 minutes of playing the game. It goes from really smooth to choppy all of the sudden, and I don't think it's an fps problem. I'm still hovering between 80-120 fps but the game still doesn't feel smooth. Turning the battery settings to "High performance" helped a bit but the problem is still there. Some things I've noticed: Even though the fps is high, I notice that it fluctuates a lot. Also, if I turn on VSync the problem is gone but I can't play because of the input lag that it causes. Any advice would be great appreciated
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PostSubject: Re: stuttering help   Sun 15 Mar - 6:18

Do you play in FullscreenWindow mode?
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PostSubject: Re: stuttering help   Sun 15 Mar - 11:33

Simca, I have exactly the same problem!

Whenever the fps counter goes below 100 the game is not smooth anymore. But I agree 70 fps which mine drops to is smooth in all other games so something else is wrong. I got no clue what is happening!
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PostSubject: Re: stuttering help   

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stuttering help
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