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 Why Talula?

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PostSubject: Why Talula?   Sun 13 Jul - 11:15

Ok this one it's to Murdock. He ask me what my nick means. Tallulah in the movie Cool Runnings mean cheap hooker but it was also the name of the mom of one of them lmao. But in the translation in Portuguese was just Talula.

3.43 min and you can see it.
In all this 10 years in Tm just one guy know it from where it came. The guy saw the movie and strait away he said the movie name. A Swedish guy that i don't remember anymore.
So here you have Why Talula.
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PostSubject: Re: Why Talula?   Mon 14 Jul - 12:06

Lol ok now i see Smile
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Why Talula?
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