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 Help testing game

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PostSubject: Help testing game   Sat 29 Mar - 19:42

Hi All

There is a new game in development and they are looking to get some help testing the multiplayer side of it - which is what they are concentrating on first. It will also have a single player side but for the moment they want the multiplayer done first.

The facebook page and twitter page are here


and here are two quick youtube videos that were taken the other day of  a multiplayer death match.

I believe that until the next stage of the games development is reached everyone who likes it on facebook will get a free version of the multiplayer game.

Bionite is based on the game Battlezone ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlezone_%281998_video_game%29 )

a combined first person shooter and real time strategy game that really was the first of its kind for that genre. Its probably old enough that most here however never played it. At the time it was a game that was bundled with many graphics cards as one of the inclusions (this was in the very early years of graphics cards as well)

If you think you might be interested in helping with the testing then read on.

At the moment tests are currently scheduled for 20:00 EST (Eastern standard time - US) on Friday (but it seems it can also be Saturday as well)

This may make it a bit late for you guys in Europe - but if you want your probably only chance to blow me up in a game - then its probably the only chance you will get. For the other Aussies amongst us - this is currently corresponds to midday in NSW.

If still interested then email bioniteorigins1@gmail.com with
Time zone
computer specs (basic cpu graphics ram)
experience with BZ1/BZ2 (played or haven't)

note that you also need to have
have teamspeak and the ability to download and install the game releases easily (~500MB each as of now)

also it helps if you can understand some less than basic folder browsing to find certain files within the UDK install folders

windows 7 recommended
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Help testing game
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