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 Complete list of chosen maps

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PostSubject: Complete list of chosen maps   Wed 16 May - 16:46

Hey everybody!

We started receiving maps literally from the first to the last day, including a last day madness when several authors sent 15 maps!

TRC Staff tested dozens of maps (I'll bring the exact ammount of maps sent to us later, but for sure it was more than 100) and it was very difficult to come up with a final list. For you to have an idea, in the last "cut" we had around 35 good maps and we still had to take off 10... so that sometimes it was very painful to exclude a map from the competition ^^

We tried to be as democratic as possible, always keeping the idea of having good maps above any other requirement. No mapper has more than 2 maps chosen for TRC.

So, here it goes (track - author):

Albatross - the4thduke
TRC noreasontower - hirrball
TRC Right of Left - hirrball
Exhilarating Tension - monsterfabio
D!HeartBeats - monsterfabio
nanobeats - talentiert_v_1
eskalation - talentiert_v_1
Aeternitas - foreverjoke
State of Mind - boss_p
rawelly Cardiff - a-n-d-r-e-o-l-i
rawelly Glasgow - a-n-d-r-e-o-l-i
Lucassyno. - lucasscz_dizzler.f4w.
Se7en - gueiish69
Dirtception - Dulf-Nospor
Dream KisSs - vulcan_
TRC BlackOut - vulcan_
Tournament - chris.fr
Dirty Street - dulf04
#Pom Pom Girls - _900_wfzz_i_f00_wtichta
Lost in Dirtation... - pagg
TRC Full Rule$ - rocket83
TRC Rite of Passage - rocket83
No sweat . No glory - dizzler_f4w_
TRC Amazing!! - nix-boy
TRC Green Effect - nix-boy
Total: 25 tracks (21 rounds, 4 time attack)

Total Risk Cup Staff would like to thank all mappers who worked hard and sent maps to the competition. We congratulate the authors who had their maps chosen, but also the ones who didn't. Be sure that you helped raising the level of maps for our competition!

About the prizes for mappers, they will be sent in the end of the competition with all the other prizes. Mappers that made associations must inform if they want to receive the prizes separately (1000 coppers for each, in this case the authors of "Lucassyno" and "Dirtception" - please also confirm the logins to receive the coppers via PM).

Thank you!!
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PostSubject: Re: Complete list of chosen maps   Thu 17 May - 11:26

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Complete list of chosen maps
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