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 Master dirt World

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Mc spayne

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Date d'inscription : 2014-01-02

PostSubject: Master dirt World   Thu 2 Jan - 16:07


After the creation of the Team Bone in 2013, i announce you the launch of a dirt solo event, the MDW: "Master Dirt Wolrd" who will allow to the whole TM² community to confront themselves against all the best drivers during this event

On the menu of this event, you will have six match reparted on the year, one every two month, and each match is composed by three maps.

So for that, we are looking for some fluid maps, that every body can ride, confirmed driver like beginner.

Some restrictions in your creations:

-your track will have to last one minute, in multi lap mode (two laps required for the track validation)
-Work hard on jumps, transitions and reception to minimize bugs
-Respawn must be possible for every Checkpoints
-All ambiguous way (transfer, blind jump, different ways possible...) must be signalize
-Don't hesitate to put lot of board (up, down, right...) and Checkpoints to minimize cut risk.
-Advertising board must be visible at the start for the promotion of the event
-The hexadecimal is tolerated
-Road blocks are allowed
-All the maps must be ajourned and have a maximum weight of 2800 planets (takes care of the shadows calculation on TM²)

The board:
-Only the originals signalization board from TM² are allowed
-Other boards can be put all the way long of the track.

Allowed for the intro GPS

Register open on the Team Bone website:

Mail Adress:
Please send your creations here:
Good mapping to everyone
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Mc spayne

Messages : 3
Date d'inscription : 2014-01-02

PostSubject: Re: Master dirt World   Thu 2 Jan - 17:08

English :


The Master Dirt World is an event created for all young player of the TM² community

Admin :

Admins are the only one must be able to take decision about the rules and change them if necessary before or during the event. The respect of Admins and player is rigorous; in case of non compliance of this rule will be motive of the eviction from the event for the player .


players can register themselves throughout the event, of course, they will not be cretided by the miss map point.

Maps pack:

The Maps pack can be downloaded after each meeting. At all, there is six maps pack with three maps for each one.

Matchs Organization:

Each match will take places in the Team Bone's server and start at 21h.

Matchs Progress:

For each match, there is three dirt maps in modlap, and they will last 10 minutes each. At the end of the allotted time, a ranking will be etablish in function of the number of Checkpoints cross by each driver. After the three maps, Admins will count all Checkpoints cross by the driver in the three maps, and the final ranking of the match will be etablished.


1st match: January 27 at 21h CET
2nd.......: March
3rd........: May
4th........: June
5th........: September
6th.......: Finale in November


A general ranking will be etablish, one or two days after each match.


In case of cheat or cut during the match, driver will be ban of the event.


Different Tag will be gift:
-1st ranking: Gold Tag
-2nd ranking: Silver Tag
-3rd ranking: Bronze Tag
-The most diligent player: Silver Tag

-Very favorite of the admins: Bronze Tag
-Rear light* (last player): Bronze Tag

*For the Rear Light, we will take the player who have do all the match of the event.
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PostSubject: Re: Master dirt World   Thu 2 Jan - 17:39

This is a solo competition?
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Mc spayne

Messages : 3
Date d'inscription : 2014-01-02

PostSubject: Re: Master dirt World   Thu 2 Jan - 18:32

Yes , competition solo.  Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: Master dirt World   

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Master dirt World
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