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 TeaM-Fox vs ATR

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PostSubject: Re: TeaM-Fox vs ATR   Fri 17 Jan - 18:43

Guys i don't know if it's a good idea i race today, i hate the tracks and my times are what they are. i'll be there before start and then we'll see
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PostSubject: Re: TeaM-Fox vs ATR   Fri 17 Jan - 21:57

This was the most unpleasant game i ever had in my TMer life. I just can't deal with the fact i have to race with that guy. I just can't.

It's a fact i didn't train and i'm not dedicating much of my time to TM right know. But this situations just overtake me.

I'm sorry ATR and TMF.
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PostSubject: Re: TeaM-Fox vs ATR   Fri 17 Jan - 22:03

sorry i turned up at 2205 Razz i erm... slept..

anyway hopefully there is a rematch when there are no competitions on so everybody actually trains haha
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PostSubject: Re: TeaM-Fox vs ATR   Fri 17 Jan - 22:04

Remember public topic - so any more to say should really be done in ATR only
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PostSubject: Re: TeaM-Fox vs ATR   Sat 18 Jan - 1:30

next time guys... was just a fun match. People on ATR are busy at the moment next time we will do better Smile

TMF showed up very trained, hard to do anything about it!
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PostSubject: Re: TeaM-Fox vs ATR   

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TeaM-Fox vs ATR
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