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 Announcement SLIP 5, Mappers needed :)

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PostSubject: Announcement SLIP 5, Mappers needed :)   Sat 25 May - 12:10

Hi ATR friends !

English version :
Mappers WANTED (needed)

After a season’s break, it is now time for the SPAM team to ask TM2 Dirt community’s talentuous map creators to help them with the official packmaps for the next Spam League In Dirt Paradise.
Indeed, Spam team is proud to also announce a new format for its annual competition.
A full “rules text” will be released shortly.

What we ask from you is to map without too much hex(a), it is tolerated in order to correct a bug or block an alleged cut or only if the sequence appears to have a wonderful flow.

Nevertheless, here are the restrictions for your tracks :
Arrow the way must be clearly identified, no misleading signs, no false route & whenever there is a difficulty, the view should be absolutely clear
Arrow if there should be a “blind” passage, a perfect, or at the least an intuitive signposting is required
Arrow of course the track must be respawnable from any Checkpoint so that it can be completed from any CP

May we remind you that in this new SLIP edition it’s all about DIRT, therefore the road (tarmac) sections are tolerated but cannot be too long, neither too tech, nor including skillfull drifts .

All maps should be in DAY MODE, & should weigh no more than 2800 planets.

Beware of the shadows calculation in TM2 & keep to a minimum or even avoid covered roads like endless dark tunnels.
We accept the following types of maps:
Arrow“standard”, from 48 sec to 1mn05 length
Arrow modlap 2 rounds, 1mn15 maximum length
Arrow “long”, between 1mn05 & 2 mn length

NO mod on the maps.

The direction signs should be the classic Nadeo signs.
AN advertisement pack (Dirttv, SPAM, SLIP, TMLive…) will be sent to the selected mappers to validate the map.

Your tracks will have to be tagged as follows : $777SLIP5
As for the trak’s name & color this is left to your wildest imagination ..or not.

Please don't put any passwords on your maps in the 1st sending, since they all will be validated with an unique account so as the tests will happen on "anonymous" maps.

Arrow Maps to be sent to : statping@gmail.com

Arrow Deadline: 31/07/2013 midnight

Relating details to the final selection of the maps :
- 2 maps for qualifications in TA ; 15 maps for matches in round mode
- 3 maps maximum selected from the same author
- an internal SPAM jury will be chosen for the selection (expert & fun drivers)
- maps will be graded on "anymous way" (author and name will be changed)

Rewards for the selected maps :
A bronze SLIP tag for the mappers.

Hoping you will take up the challenge with us,
Best regards,

SPAM staff

French version :
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Messages : 32
Date d'inscription : 2012-05-09

PostSubject: Re: Announcement SLIP 5, Mappers needed :)   Sun 2 Jun - 14:39

Receive a track from Ava ! Thx mate Wink
But we need more ATR for this adventure !!! Gogogo ! Smile

Habi, String ? :p
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PostSubject: Re: Announcement SLIP 5, Mappers needed :)   Sun 2 Jun - 17:35

I'm really no good at this .... Sorry Boss !
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PostSubject: Re: Announcement SLIP 5, Mappers needed :)   

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Announcement SLIP 5, Mappers needed :)
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