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 Rules TRC (English)

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Date d'inscription : 2012-01-31

PostSubject: Rules TRC (English)   Tue 31 Jan - 12:44

1.0 Introduction

The TRC - Total Risk Cup/Tous Risques Cup is a Dirt Competition presented by the ATR Team – Agence Tous Risques, based on Trackmania Stadium environment;

We welcome all participant teams into our competition, which has the purpose of gathering all Trackmania Dirt Community players and provide a lot of fun to everyone involved. We encourage the new teams to join our competition, just as we are pleased to see some traditional and vanguard teams once more.

1.1 This is an international competition, therefore the official language will be English only. Translations in French and other languages may also be available in some cases, but it will not be mandatory.

2.0 Structure of the Competition

The Total Risk Cup is a Mixed-Mode competition played on Dirt, which means there will be 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 matches happening at the same week. Our goal is to gather all available teams in TM and see which one is the best. For that, we present the basic tournament structure :

2.1 At the Qualifications Stage, only the 4 best times will be taken in consideration in Time Attack mode – this will be further well explained in the "Qualifications" topic ;

2.2 At the Group Stage and Playoff Stage, all matches will have to be played on a mixed mode. To explain:

- There will be 3 maps per week :

1 Map to be played on 1v1 + 2v2 (on the same map)

2 Maps to be played on 4v4

- Every map will be widely shown on which mode it has to be played, so that mistakes made by the players will not be tolerated. Example :

[Map 1] – This is the 1v1 AND 2v2 map
[Maps 2 and 3] These are the 4v4 maps

- ATTENTION : The player who races the 1v1 match, CANNOT play the 2v2 match. This player is free to race the two 4v4 matches though;
- There is no difference of importance on the 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 matches, as all matches will have the same points system and graduation in the final scores;
- The final score will be decided by the number of Rounds won and NOT maps won. If there is a draw in the number of rounds won, the winner will be the team with most maps won; [NOTE : this rule applies only to the Playoffs Stage, as in the Group Stage it is allowed to have draws];
- As the purpose of the competition is to know which team is the best, we thought that 2 maps on 4v4 would give a nice balance to the matches.

2.3 Match Summary (Group and Playoff Stages only)

- 1 map 1v1 + 2v2, 2 maps 4v4 (3 maps per week)
- The order of the matches must be followed : first 1v1, second the 2v2 and after the two 4v4 matches ;
- 7 (seven) points-winning per map ;
- 2 Warm-ups per map ;
- Line-ups must be informed by team captains or substitute before the 2nd warm-up. After that, line-ups will be frozen for the race ;
- All Group Stage matches have to be played on servers of either of the teams ;
- At Playoff Stage, the most important matches will be hosted by the competition servers and will have TV servers. Further comments about this will be on specific sections and announcements on the competition forums ;
- Also, at Playoff Stage the organization will provide a Referee for each match, yet to be determined.

2.4 Organizing a match

- All matches must be played between 1 week (seven days) – Sunday to Sunday, when new map packs will be released ;
- Eventually, it will be allowed to race on Monday: every team will have 2 wild-cards, that can be used to play on Monday, if the other team agrees with that;
- TRC Organization will provide forums and specific threads for both teams to schedule their matches ;
- All team captains have the responsability to schedule their team matches. It is mandatory that both teams start negotiating about date and time until at least every FRIDAY AT 23:59 CET. If that is not achieved, the missing team will be declared forfeit ;

2.5 Others (absences, disconnections, delays, etc.)

- As said before, if both teams have full Line-up ready, the order of the matches must be respected : first 1v1, then 2v2 and after that the two 4v4 matches. This order can be changed though, if there is an emergency and both captains and eventually the match referee agree with that ;
- If a team misses players for both 1v1 or 2v2, those maps will be considered lost 7-0. If there isn’t enough players for the 4v4, if one team has only 3 for an example, it is allowed to play 3v4, but it is never allowed to race 2v4 ;
- Delays are tolerated, but no more than 10 minutes, to wait for a missing player for an example, or anyone that has internet problems ;
- In case of disconnections, laggy starts or accidentally abandon :

a) Before the run : the round will be restarted, either with everyone's abandoning or the server admin restarting the round ;

b) During a run : the round will be normally finished by all players. It will be given 5 minutes for that player to return, if he doesn’t a substitute will have to take his place. There will be no eternal waits for a player who has bad internet connections, as only 2 times that will be allowed ;
- If someone accidentally abandon a round before it starts, the round will be restarted ;
- The TRC organization believes in everyone’s fair play and good sportsmanship when it comes to this subject. The Staff position will always be on the side of those who preserve a good behaviour and the fair play.

2.6 Penalties for cheating

- Cheating of any kind, such as usage of hacks and making cuts will be punished with the exclusion of the entire team roster;
- It will not be tolerated to finish any lap using a cut in any circumstances. If you find a cut in a track take screenshots of it and explain to the Organization, but NEVER finish a lap using a cut. Players that finish a lap with such intention, even if it's for a good purpose, will be punished with suspension of 1 round.

3.0 Stages of the competition

3.1 Stages' Pre-conditions:

Option 1: if there is less than 64 registrated teams:

- Top 32 advance to Group Stage, all the rest go home;
- from these 32 in the Group Stage, 1st and 2nd of each group make playoffs Elite Table, while 3rd and 4th of each group make Elite Loser's Table;
- No Fun Table at all.

Option 2: if there is more than 64 registrated teams:

- Top 32 advance to Elite Group Stage, 33-64 advance to Fun Group Stage - same system for both
- In both Group Stage Tables 1st and 2nd of each group advance, 3rd and 4th go home.

3.2 Qualifications

- Qualifications period will start in 17/05 and end in 27/05/12 (10 days);
- The mode to be used is TA – Time Attack mode;
- The TRC organization will provide 4 servers for this purpose and only times set in these servers will be taken in consideration. In other words, only Local Records will prevail;
- There will be 4 Maps to be played in Qualifications and only the times of the 4 best drivers of each team will be taken in consideration for that team’s final standings;
- The TRC organization will provide Live Rankings for everyone follow it's standings;
- The 32 best teams will be qualified for the Group Stage (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H – 4 teams per group), of what will be known as the Elite Table. A Fun Table may be possible, according to the number of inscriptions, that is if there are more than 64 registered teams (see 3.1 for this explanation);
- The groups formation will obviously obbey the final standings of the Qualifications stage, according to each team final rankings, like this:

Poule A : 1 - 16 - 17 - 32
Poule B : 2 - 15 - 18 - 31
Poule C : 3 - 14 - 19 - 30
Poule D : 4 - 13 - 20 - 29
Poule E : 5 - 12 - 21 - 28
Poule F : 6 - 11 - 22 - 27
Poule G : 7 - 10 - 23 - 26
Poule H : 8 - 9 - 24 - 25

3.3 Group Stage

- In this stage, all teams in the same pool will have to play against each other every week;
- The best 2 teams of each Group (16 teams total) will be qualified to play the following Stage, the Playoffs – the other 2 teams are eliminated or headed to the Elite Loser's Table, that depends on the number of registrated teams (see topic 3.1 for further explanation);
- A victory will give 3 points, draw 1 point and defeat none. If there is a draw in final standings, it will be calculated the difference of rounds won/lost to determine the winner.

3.4 Playoff Stage

- The Playoff Stage will be formed crossing the qualified top 2 teams of each group as it follows :

1/8 Finals 1 : 1st group A vs 2nd group B
1/8 Finals 2 : 1st group H vs 2nd group G
1/8 Finals 3 : 1st group D vs 2nd group C
1/8 Finals 4 : 1st group E vs 2nd group F
1/8 Finals 5 : 1st group B vs 2nd group A
1/8 Finals 6 : 1st group G vs 2nd group H
1/8 Finals 7 : 1st group C vs 2nd group D
1/8 Finals 8 : 1st group F vs 2nd group E

1/4 Finals 1 : winner 1/8 1 vs winner 1/8 2
1/4 Finals 2 : winner 1/8 3 vs winner 1/8 4
1/4 Finals 3 : winner 1/8 5 vs winner 1/8 6
1/4 Finals 4 : winner 1/8 7 vs winner 1/8 8

1/2 Finals 1 : winner 1/4 1 vs winner 1/4 2
1/2 Finals 2 : winner 1/4 3 vs winner 1/4 4

Final Match

- Therefore, this system will host 1/8, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals (main final and 3rd place dispute);
- As it is not allowed to have draws at this Stage, please read item 2.2 about draws resolving;

4.0 Registrations

Every team is welcome to participate on our competition. Please note that the TRC Organization decided NOT TO ALLOW associations/mixes of teams or players. The rules for registrations are :
- Line up’s between 8 and 14 players ;
- Maximum 2 line-ups per team;
- Mixed teams with Line-ups formed to play SPECIFICALLY this competition WILL NOT be allowed;
- However, any team is allowed to have the maximum of 2 (two) invited players of a different team to join them, no more than that will be tolerated (we are aware of the old existing teams and the new ones, as well of the team-hoppers players) ;
- In order to determine if a mixed team was formed specifically for this competition or not, the TRC Organization will take note on the line-ups of the last 3 known competitions. This rule is set to avoid team-hoppers and fake teams that wish to win a competition at any cost. We want to send the clear message that ATR team is against such procedure, we think it harms the TM Community;
- If in the last 3 known competitions someone played for different teams (without being a full member of those teams), this player will automatically be considered a "guest" or "invited" player on whatever team/line-up he decides to join in this competition;
- There is only 1 exception to this rule: the teams that are facing problems with membership and cannot form an entire lineup only with its riders. The TRC Organization will watch every case in particular and very carefully, in order not to open a breach in the other rules above.
- Examples of registrations:

Team "X" Line-up:
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team
- 1 Player from the Omega Team
- 1 Player from the Omega Team


Team "Y" Line-up:
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team
- 1 Player from the Omega Team


Team "Z" Line Up:

- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Alpha Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team
- 1 Player from the Beta Team

* THIS LINE-UP IS ALLOWED! (as long as the 2 teams forming it can't make a lineup because the team doesn't have enough players)

- Team’s names are free of choice;
- Every team on the act of registration must appoint 1 Team Captain and 1 Co-Captain, who will act as a substitute. Captains and co-captains are the only ones who act in the name of the team;
- Registration Example :

- (name), (login) – Captain (captain e-mail)
- (name), (login) – Co-Captain
- (name), (login) – Player
- (name), (login) – Player

It is mandatory that the Captain read the rules carefully and agrees with them (Rules Read and Approved).

- The deadline for registrations is May 15th, until CET midnight.

5.0 Calendar

- [Week 1] Qualifications : Start in 17/05 (10 days)
- [Week 2] Group Stage Day 1 27/05 until 03/06
- [Week 3] Group Stage Day 2 03/06 until 10/06
- [Week 4] Group Stage Day 3 10/06 until 17/06
- [Week 5] Playoffs 1/8 Finals 17/06 until 24/06
- [Week 6] Playoffs Quarterfinals 24/06 until 01/07
- [Week 7] Playoffs Semifinals 01/07 until 08/07
- [Week 8] Playoffs Finals 15/07 - the final match will have to be played at this day, fixed time

6.0 Maps

There will be a total of 25 brand new maps made exclusively for this competition (3 maps per week). All maps will be carefully tested before by a comission formed by the TRC organization in order to avoid bugs, exaggerated blockmix, bad sections/jumps, among others.

7.0 Rewards

There will be a total ammount of 500.000 Coppers to distribute among the best teams. Individual prizes for the best drivers in Qualifications will also be given. Gold, Silver and Bronze tags will be delivered as well.
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Rules TRC (English)
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